Monday, March 10, 2014

Memories on the Road

Recall that this blog started to chronicle our visit to Sweden in the Spring of 2012.  My dear, sweet wife Brenda thought that it might be good to share some of our memories of being on the road before that trip.  This, she said, will serve as a record of our memories.  The great thing about memories is that we often remember things that never even happened.

With that thought in mind, this is the first in a series recounting some of our past road trips.

One of our fondest family memories is that summer we loaded up all five kids into our old chevy van and headed for Campus Crusade summer Staff training in Ft. Collins, CO.  Except of course, we went via Yellowstone.

We left early so we could catch the sites along the way.  We headed up the Mississippi River and one of our first, really memorable stops was at the place where Jesse James, the outlaw, met his demise whilst hanging a picture on the wall.  We had lots of questions for the guide and, despite it wasn't that great of a story, we spent quite a bit of time learning about that fateful day and the characters involved.

We headed North form there into South Dakota and began to encounter signs for famous Wall Drug.  Before Wall Drug, we had the slightly less famous Corn Palace.  Sure enough, it is a huge building dedicated to corn and corn art.  As we signed the guest book we noticed that the same day, a bit earlier, a physician and his family from our hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL had also visited.

As our friend Bob Genheimer says it, "It's a small world... but I wouldn't want to have to paint it."

From the Corn Palace we were drawn westward to Wall Drug, which is really just that, a drug store located on the "Wall" geological formation of wester SD.  I don't recall too much of great interest there, except some teepees that were part of the set for the famous movie, "Dances with Wolves".

Next stop was Mount Rushmore, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  We stayed until almost full dark and then headed out for the most memorable stop on a trip filled with great stops.  But more about that next blog.

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  1. I remember being underwhelmed by Mt. Rushmore. But I was little.