Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Joys of All-day Air travel

So far, on this trip I have been in 4 consecutive airports, two relatively small, and two relatively large.  Likewise, plane sizes have matched airport sizes.  Many of you readers may have done this kind of travel.  For those of you who haven’t let me note some highlights:

It is near impossible to sleep soundly whilst traveling, if you are over about 18 months of age.

Every time you go to the bathroom, someone may have to let you out of your row.

The food is tolerable, but not too good.

The beverages are good and the service is very good.

Flushing the toilet sounds like you are about to be sucked out of the plane.

There always seems to be JUST enough space for carry-on baggage, but seldom any extra.
Flights these days are 90+% full.

On very long flights, there is typically at least one fussy baby.

Well, if it’s so bad why do it?  Well, if you want to get somewhere a long way off, it is the only practical alternative.  Years ago, no one put up with air travel, because you had to go by boat, train, or horseback.  You traveled for weeks just to cover the same distance a jet covers in 3 hours.  To make the comparison, in olden days we traveled about 4 miles an hour, and today at over 550 mph.

But why go at all?

Because G^d calls, is the best reason.

Because we have children and grandchildren a long way off, is another.

And those are reason enough…

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