Thursday, April 7, 2016

You went where?

"Yes erocem leenell icestare!"

Yes, but that first "yes" doesn't mean "yes" but an "I".

That strange phrase is my phonetic translation of the Armenian for, "I am happy to be here!"


Armenia, particularly Yerevan, the Armenian capitol.  And, it wasn't what I anticipated.

The city architecture harkened back to the Soviet period.  Everything was concrete and stone.  Huge statues dominated the skyline.  The streets were full, but not nearly as much as in Guatemala City, two weeks back.

Maybe that is because there are only about 3 million people in Armenia-- but a third of those are in the capital city, Yerevan.

The people here look like a mixture of Iranian, Turks, and Europeans, which is probably because Armenia lies between Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbijian.  The people are very well dressed.  The architecture varies from ultra-modern to Soviet-era drab.

In total it is a beautiful place with Mt. Ararat dominating, but beautiful plains and mountains reminiscent of southern Wyoming and northern Utah.

This has been a great place to visit.  It has many intriguing sites.  But, in my view, it's always the people that matter, the people that intrigue.  The land will pass, but the people's souls will remain.  And that's where our attention must be.

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