Friday, April 21, 2017

Nice to meet you Carmen!

I was recently speaking at a professional meeting about traveling, teaching, and researching abroad.  After the talk several people wanted to chat, but one young lady caught my attention.  She was interested in going abroad…as a missionary!

Now we are talking about something significant!

She taught at a University close to where Brenda and I live, and her folks lived even closer.  So, during her Spring Break, Brenda and I drove an hour down to see her.  We had a terrific conversation that covered:
1)      Why Professors can be Effective for Christ in the Public University.
2)      How Profs can reach Internationals without leaving the US campus.
3)      How US Profs are welcome most (but not all) places in the world, short- or long- time.
4)      How you can go abroad for a secular purpose and still have a spiritual impact.
5)      How she could have an impact on her students right now!

We prayed with her near the beginning and at the end.  And, before we knew it 4 hours had passed!

Go Figure!  Is Faculty Commons of Cru (Campus Crusade) a great ministry or what??

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