Monday, April 24, 2017

What My Friend Said

I remember from 10 or so years ago, that it was a hot summer day at the OUTDOOR Rec. pool at UA, and I ran into one of my favorite (yes it could be YOU!) former students there.

The lady, my former student shared with me privately that her marriage was in extremis. 

I replied to her, "So sorry to hear.  I will pray for you." 

And she replied, "Pray for _(her ex's name)____."
I thought the following things (regardless of their accuracy):
1) How sweet- she is thinking of his well-being even in the midst of divorce.
2) How sweet- she is thinking of someone OTHER than herself, when self-focus in the norm.
3) How spiritual that she is able to keep her cool and ask for prayer for her ex.

I shared all this recently with her, saying, "Don't correct me if I am wrong.   I really admire that you said it.  That's good enough."

Her response to me was just as good as the original, "I still pray for him to this day.  We all need prayers in spite of our attitudes and how we treat others. If God can ever get to him it will be better for us all."

We ALL need more friends like this.  

L^rd I lift up my friend... and her former husband.  Thanks for her grace. I have a new hope for mankind... in Christ.

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