Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Graduation... with special meaning!

Yesterday I went to another UA graduation.  I would estimate I have been to about 40 of these over my 30 years.  But this one was special.

Well, they are all special for somebody, but this one was different.  Here are some differences:
  1. First graduation where I left early.
  2. First graduation with 7 Ph.D.s hooded from our KIN department.
  3. First graduation for one of my students who took a job and had to go through 5-6 rewrites of her dissertation.
  4. First graduation for one of my Ph.D. students whose timing was terrifically bad.  He came into our program at just the wrong time.

All these firsts made this a great day.  Earning a Ph.D. requires a long academic effort.  There is a lot of work done.  I had taught all the exercise science students in class.  I had sat on 4 of the 5 dissertations.  I had seen some of these students frustrated almost to the breaking point.  Thanks be to G^d that I can write that "almost".

Most things that are worthwhile take time and effort.  Patience is a necessity, as is hard work.

But eventually the victory is won.

In our relationship with G^d, we enter into the relationship by G^d's grace alone.  But growing in our faith is a lot like earning a Ph.D. in Christianity.  It's not theoretical, it must be lived out, it must be practiced. Patience is a necessity, as is hard work.  Most things that are worthwhile take time and effort.

And Thanks be to G^d, our victory has already been won.... not by us, but by the Christ!

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  1. I remember one special graduation you were at. I'm guessing the only one you ever hooded a Comm PhD.