Monday, May 5, 2014

Who's Afraid of a Little Weather?

Me, and several million of our neighbors.

On the evening of 27 April 2011, a very strong tornado leveled a path of destruction across our town and other parts of Alabama.  About 42 lives were lost, including several students at the U of AL.

Last Friday we were advised that severe weather was coming to a location near us...maybe even to us.  Sure enough, that has happened.  All afternoon we have watched a Birmingham weather man, the most famous in our state, talk about tornadoes, wall clouds, and "inflow".

A lot of colleges and schools have already closed, and they canceled an exam at UA tonight.

We have seen tornadoes with our own eyes.  Worse, we have seen the destruction of tornadoes with our own eyes and up close.  Weather kills, and already two have died in Northern Alabama.

Tornadoes are dangerous, they are unpredictable.  You can die in a hurry, and they don't discriminate. To summarize, during tornado season you can die without warning.  But this is true for the rest of the year also.  Life is not guaranteed for anyone.

Weather is real, it is tangible, it is visible.

I marvel at how my pagan friends can shake their fist at G^d, even whilst facing tornadoes. 

They are very brave.

They are very stupid.

It is appointed to man once to die... and after that the judgement. Hebrews 9:27.

But me, I need not fear.  Not because I am brave, but because I fully trust in the provision of the Christ.

Ahhhhhh, sweet.

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