Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Road Kill- a new Variation

I have written before about my penchant for picking up trash on University and church grounds, but I have not confessed to another pickup habit:  road kill.

Yes, I pick up road kill-- that is, those things that i find in the road that kill tires.  I blame Dr. Matt Green for this. Many a time I am happily peddling down the road on my bike when I spy, with my little eye, a screw, nail, or piece of sharp metal.   Matt always picked these up, and he inspired me.  On my bike, I am typically 5-15 yards past the object before I realize what it was and stop.  This slows me quite a bit, but my conscience is a bit over-sensitve, so I stop, back up and try to determine waht I saw and where it was.

Today in the 3 brief miles from my office to home I found three road kills:

It is a small thing I do, but if I save a tire or two it is worth the time and effort I guess.

It is not a small thing to share Christ with people, and if we do it, we may save a soul or two.

Hard to beat that return on a little time and effort.

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