Monday, May 18, 2015

Faith yes, but in What? Faith in nothing?

Many of my anti-Christian friends like to ridicule faith.  I find this a bit amusing, and a bit confusing.

Any ridicule of faith  is amusing/confusing because these people are all people of great faith!

"Argh" they say.  "now we are people of reason, religious people are the 'faith' people!"


No way!!

Religious people by faith believe in something, but you believe in NOTHING.

Christians believe in a G^d who has demonstrated his activities across history. Christianity stands out because in this faith, G^d reached out to man, in fact became man, to save man.

Yes, it takes faith to believe that G^d exists and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.  Yes to believe that Jesus was The Messiah takes faith.  No doubts there.

But with absolutely NO evidence, atheists take the FAITH LEAP that we arose from nothing, life has no meaning, and death has no after-life.  Again, there is NO evidence that these beliefs are true. 

Now that is faith, and faith in NOTHING!  Faith indeed!

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