Friday, May 1, 2015


I have a great many faults.  I have had a long time to recognize this, plus I get help from my friends.

I have been thinking about racism in the USA lately.  I think many of us suffer from culturalism- an "ism" still, but distinctive from racism.

I definitely have cultural preferences that impact my thinking a great deal.  Mostly for my benefit, I want to record some of those preferences.

I prefer people who:
  • Are loyal - loyal to spouses, family, friends, even their country.
  • Are honest - rudely honest, but honest in their dealings.
  • Are workers - it's easy to go overboard, but also easy to be a slacker.
  • Are helpful - this partly ties into being a worker, not a shirker.
  • Are at least a bit friendly - I mean no harm, and see all mankind as being interesting and worthwhile - until you prove otherwise.
  • Are considerate - none of us will get out of this alive.  Others matter.  Act like it.
  • Are encouragers - how can you NOT be drawn to these people!
  • Are responsible - You chose it, you live with it.  People may have to live with things they didn't choose, that's stoicism, but many times we are victims of our choices. Spend your money as you choose, but own your choices!
I am shocked at how short this list is.  Hmm, I must be forgetting some/many things.  Time will tell.

When I encounter people with some of these qualities, I am attracted to them, regardless of their other characteristics.  When I encounter people woefully lacking in these qualities, I am repelled, regardless of their other characteristics. 

I am fortunate to have friends from many places around the world.  Some of their cultures support these qualities more than other cultures. I have seen it.  I know.  But again, I have friends of many cultures, and I hope my choice is based on their personal qualities, not extraneous factors.

This is my list, not yours.  I am fine with that.  I hope my list conforms to what G^d wants.  Some of these probably do, some do not.  Some, maybe all, can be over-done.  I understand.

How about you?  What's on your list?

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