Thursday, May 7, 2015

Some Thoughts for My Atheist Friends

"If there were no G^d, there would be no atheists."   GK Chesterton

My atheist friends are an interesting group.  They eagerly rail against something which they believe does NOT exist.
“We’re merely trying to stamp out ignorance and superstition.”  They might argue.

Really?  Seriously?

I don’t believe in leprechauns, but I don’t write books or arrange debates against their existence.

“But leprechauns cause no harm, unlike religion.”

So, atheist friend, it sounds more like you have a problem with religion rather than the existence of G^d.  Perhaps you should call yourself an anti-religionist, rather than an atheist.

“Well, the basis for religion is some sort of god, which we believe does NOT exist.” Answer my atheist friends.  “Religion causes lots of harm, so yes I am opposed to religion.”

So, you find all those religiously-affiliated hospitals, clinics, schools, colleges, orphanages, YMCAs, feedings stations, shelters and relief organization objectionable?  Interesting, interesting.

“Well, well, religion is faith based, not reason-based.” Aver my Atheists.

Aha!  Now if there is ONE belief system that is solely based upon faith, it is… atheism!

Atheism is based on faith alone, nothing more.  A religious person may believe in G^d due to Scriptures, testimonies, visions, nature, his intuition; but an atheist must have faith in intuition alone.  Now that is a real faith position!

You are the guys with GREAT faith!

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