Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Favorite, Odd, Worship

I am 65 years old and have been in worship almost every Sunday since age 4 or 5.  So 60*50= over 3000 worship services plus some special services.

I experienced my all-time favorite last Friday.

Hear this:
  • No sermon,
  • No choir,
  • No corporate prayer...
But there was a Eucharist.

Our Good Friday service involved, this year, 6 stations.  The first was a Holy Communion, administered by yourself to yourself, at the pace you chose, with the reflection you chose guided by some Scripture and a guide sheet.

The second station was a representation of Gethsemane, followed by a place representing the Praetorium.  I cried quietly at most of these, weeping at points as I contemplated what The Christ had done for us corporately, and for me personally.

After this was the point of the flogging and persecution of Jesus.  Then the last two places were both reflections on the cross. First we were at the large central, life-sized cross.  But the last one was a smaller cross laid on the floor. Here you could write anything you chose and nail it to the cross.

  • No sermon,
  • No choir,
  • No corporate prayer...
All there was, was calm reflection on what had transpired that day in history when G^d gave up his Only Begotten Son, who suffered, and bled, and died, that we might live.

What a sad day, what a glorious day, what an important day.

Thank you Jesus.  Let me live in a way that earnestly expressed gratitude for you did.

Genuine gratitude.

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