Monday, April 20, 2015

My kind of Fun

Brenda and I, at the time of this writing (i.e. last month) were in Panama City Beach, FL.  One of our all time favorite friends, Grady, invited us over to the motel where they were helping out over Spring Break. The top two floors of their motel was filled with students with the Intervarsity Christian Ministry, from WI and IN.

These students are holding evangelical outreaches at the motel and surrounding area.  Grady invited us to the evening hot dog cookout evangelism.  I was chomping down a hotdog when a sweet young Christian IV gal comes up and introduces herself.  I pick up on the conversation and I ask her if she is a Christian.  We are off to the races now...

As she begins her evangelism spiel, I pretend to be an atheist.  With a straight face, I ask her (Emily) how can she believe in G^d, when little children have cancer... She tells me about her own mother's battle with cancer and how her Mom's faith was such a testimony.

A sweet story, but I'm not buying it.  But the little kid with cancer probably doesn't have your Mom's faith.  The kid is suffering, and how could G^d do that.

We move to other topics, and I put up the typical atheistic arguments.  Still she sweetly persists and asks  questions and offers her own views.

After about 15 mins, I can't stand it, she is so sweet, I confess that I am a Christian, and a long time affiliate of CRU.  She is surprised, and we review our conversation and all the good things she said.  As we are talking about Christianity and evangelism, another Christian guy walks up to "rescue" Emily.

Emily does a great job of playing along as I light into the new evangelist, Zach.  I am able to string Zach along much longer than Emily.  Emily keeps a straight face as I rail on arguing Zach's every point.  After a while I give up the charade and spill the beans.  We have a good conversation about the way atheists see the world.

My kind of fun.

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