Thursday, April 23, 2015

FaceBook - clichés to avoid

I hate to admit it, but I am a FB fan!

I find FB to be interesting, amusing, and a handy way to keep up with friends.  I think it even has good Evangelical applications.

But, probably like you, I find a few things pretty annoying.

My biggest complaint is the hype.
                “This is the funniest thing ever!” has never lived up to its billing.
                “One weird trick to…” has almost zero potential of doing what is promised.
                “The ending will surprise you!” sometime is actually true… I was surprised to be so disappointed after all my experience with over-hyping.
                “You’ll never believe…!” Yes, afraid I will believe.

If there is one saving grace for FB, it’s that Yahoo may well be worse.  You click on a Yahoo link and now expect that it will be almost impossible to figure out how to get to the next page you WANT to get to, as opposed to the ads that you accidentally invite.

How can I complain about something that is free?

You’ll never believe it!

I value my time, even on FB and Yahoo.

Didn’t that ending surprise you?  No?

Well at least I didn’t promise it to be, “The funniest thing ever!”  

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