Thursday, November 26, 2015

NOT Keeping Up!!

Way back in June of 2013, whilst we were in Botswana, I wrote a blog post about watching the show, Keeping up with the Khardashians.  It was one of the very shows we could tune in.

I now have to confess, I have NOT kept on Keeping Up!!  Oh well...

I do want to make a few observations on the KUWTK show.  I hypothesize that we eagerly watch such crazy tv shows for one main reason:

As messed up as my life might be at any moment, at least we aren't as messed up as them!!!

Yep, our fam may be dysfunctional, but compared to the Khardashes, we are terribly, boringly, functional!

Most of us, including me, do this in real life too.  We want to feel better about ourselves so we find some poor smuck to whom we can favorably compare ourselves.  There's most always SOMEONE to who we compare favorably.

G^d doesn't quite work that way.  HE sees us as we are, and He sees that we do NOT meet HIS standards.

That's why I am MOST thankful for G^d great mercy and grace.  Were it not for G^d's great mercy and grace, all would be lost!

I am THANKFUL indeed!

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