Wednesday, November 4, 2015

On Death and Dying...

Most of us are in big-time denial, but death is right around the corner for each of us.  Gloomy thought?  Nope, just the truth- and not necessarily gloomy at all!

Whether we live to be 100, or die in infancy, life is short and death is never far off.  As I have written, we try to move it OUT of our consciousness, but that doesn't change the facts.

One of my goals in life has been to embrace death, as I have written here before.  "O death where is thy sting?  On grave where is thy victory?"  We might ask these questions without regard for the answers.

Death has NO sting, and the grave is totally, fully, eternally, defeated.  We live in and through G^d- in Christ. Those who know Him will not really taste death. Yes we will be separated from our loved ones.  They will experience the pain of loss.  That seems like it might make me sad in heaven - but by faith I am believing that there is NO sorrow there.  perhaps there we can see that those who miss us will not suffer long-- we will soon be united with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

O Happy day!

Now we see through a glass darkly- but one day-- one day soon, we will see face to face!!

Come quickly L^rd Jesus!

Will be looking for you in heaven.


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  1. I heard someone say that there is no sorrow in Heaven because of perspective. Folks there now see a bigger picture than we can while still here. I believe that to be true. There is no death for children of God, only a stepping through the door, crossing over Jordan, however we want to say it. We get to go Home!