Monday, November 16, 2015

What I learned from My Impending Death

Over the last three blog posts i have recounted my experience on a trip on which I thought I would surely die. Anyone reading this post realizes I didn't die on THAT trip, though I point out that no one is guaranteed tomorrow.

You might wonder why there have been NO pictures from this trip.  I didn't want to lose my camera in my death, so didn't take it.

For those thoughtful people who have been reading along, I would offer that:
1) I didn't necessarily misunderstand G^d, and
2) G^d didn't necessarily deceive me.

Let me address both those issues, with illustrations, Abraham and Isaac, and the sacrifice, and Israel's king, Hezekiah.  You likely know the story of Abraham's plan to offer Isaac as sacrifice, and then G^d providing a substitute.  You may also recall that Hezekiah was about to die when G^d extended his life by 15 years.

So I don't think I made a mistake, and I know G^d didn't.  My feeling is that this was ONE of the best times in my life.  I was focused, I was alive, I was prepared to die.

We all need to be prepared to die.  Every few months I learn of one of my USNA classmates who has passed from this life to the next.  It happens, and more and more frequently to my age group.

Dieing holds no fear for those of us in Christ.  In fact, heaven is something we ought to anticipate with joy.  One day we will fly away from the sin, the corruption, the frustrations of this life.  We will be with G^d and with our Christian friends and relatives who have gone before.

So what?

Think about this, you may NOT survive until tomorrow.  I may not either.  Are you ready to meet your maker?

I rather look forward to it.

Come quickly L^rd!!


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  1. Viva la mortalità! Since it is gain for those who believe.

    p.s. Dying vs Dieing vs Dyeing