Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Job- Whew!

I have worked many different jobs, from shoeshine boy to Visiting NASA Scientist.  They all were different and they all began at some point in time.  So it is with the latest new job as Prof at Liberty University.

Change is never easy, but this one has seemed especially challenging.  Perhaps age has a bit to do with it.

So what changed? How about:
  1.  Philosophy has changed.  In the new job, spiritual expressions are ENCOURAGED.  Imagine that!
  2. Class size is MUCH better.  In the old job, the MORE students packed into a classroom the more $$$ income to the Uni.  Whereas this would seem a universal truth, the philosophy here seems to be to keep classes small enough to allow quality- which means individualized to some extent- instruction.  I hope that philosophy won't be lost.
  3. Travel to and from Uni.  For most of my 32 years at UA I rode my bike about 4 miles (to avoid road hazards) to work.  I tried to find a house to let me do this at the new job- but no success.
  4. Parking.  For MOST of my 32 years, we had about the BEST parking on campus.  Parking is still OK here, but it is a 4-story garage and requires a trek of a couple hundred yards- in the rain on occasion.
  5. Work outs.  For all of my 32 years, I worked within a few yards of a locker room and shower.  Not true of the new job.  Here it is a trek across campus.
  6. No tenure.  Hooray!  I do NOT think tenure is a good thing- anywhere.  That is a subject for a different rant.
  7. Clothing.  At the old place, anything was acceptable.  Here, khakis and a collared shirt are de rigueur.
  8. Faculty orientation.  I do NOT recall be oriented at any previous job.  You were expected to learn as you went.  Here there is a pretty rigorous orientation.  As a new Faculty I recall having about 5 orientation sessions, about 3 of which lasted all day!!
In addition there are new traditions, new facilities, new classrooms, new technology, new requirements.

But one thing NEVER changes.  G^d loves us enough to die for us.  We are HIs workmanship and we ought to work as to him.

And that Job never changes.

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