Monday, November 28, 2016

Now that the Dust has Settled- a Few Election Thoughts

What a debacle!  The US Presidential election was one of the strangest I can remember.  Neither candidate (D/R) was appealing, yet both had their staunchest supporters.  Numerous people reported crying because Sec. Clinton had lost.  I suspect numerous people would have cried, had Mr. Trump lost also.

The editorializing after the election has been very interesting.  There is much speculation as to how and why Mr. Trump, against all predictions except his own, won.  I haven't seen too much editorializing as to why those predictions were so inaccurate, though.

In my view, the BEST thing coming out of this election is my friends' comments on the Sovereignty of G^d.  G^d is in control, no matter who is President.  G^d's kingdom is NOT of this world, and our view, as i have written before, ought to be MORE directed towards His kingdom, than toward the here and now.

I recall many staunch conservatives lamenting when President Obama won his first term, and then his second.  Despite his 8 years running our country, the gloom-and-doomers were mostly wrong.  Things have been bad at times, and good at times.

My ultimate hope is, post-election, we Christians will renew our work in Loving G^d, and Loving our neighbor as ourselves. I hope we will NOT put our faith and trust in any government.  I hope that Christians will renew our efforts to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, and care for the ill.  The numerous Christian hospitals, shelters, food banks and other charities must continue their good work and enlist and grow even more.

A thousand years from now, it really won't matter too much who was POTUS.  It will matter whether or not we put our real trust in the Blood of Jesus Christ, shed for us.  It will matter whether we have laid up "treasures in heaven" (Matt 6:19-21).

So, let's all take the looooooong view!