Thursday, June 15, 2017

End of an Episode

I am finally there- the end of my career of teaching in Higher Education.  It feels a bit funny.  For all of my life, since my teen years, I have worked, and typically worked quite hard.

G^d directed my path into University teaching, and it has been a GREAT career.  I have met wonderful people in my classes, worked with terrific people, and visited some great places.  The pay has been excellent, the travel top notch, and the career has given me lots of opportunity to TRY to influence the present and future leaders of the world.  Who could ask for more.

My emotions are obviously and expectedly mixed.  I am sorrow to be leaving this role, but happy to get a bit of a break.  My wife and others have asked whether I would miss teaching.  I don't think I will, because I will still get these opportunities.  I have offered to teach in several venues, and expect one of these will pan out.  I expect to teach Sunday School and give an occasional sermon.

I have lots of projects in mind.  Besides working with Cru Faculty Commons, I have some book ideas, a couple of inventions to perfect, and several other things I hope to finish.  The thought of finishing my Professor career is displaced by the thoughts of finishing several OTHER things that have been awaiting their time.

So, maybe it is NOT so much the end of an episode as it is a slight shift in theme.  Ultimately, the thing that matters is that I LISTEN to G^d and do whatever He directs.  Still looking forward to hearing,

"Well done thou good and faithful SERVANT"!

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  1. Congrats on such a successful career...After 37 years I also felt a little like? OK what now? But with the Father as you know when one door closes another one opens...So, being human I've found it's mostly just me and my fast mind that has had the question's. The Father knew all along what is next for me...And more than not it's not what I would choose!..WHAT!..So I love your comment...Yes we must hear! Hebrew hear or listen...Translation Obedience...