Monday, June 19, 2017

Los Benediciones (Blessings)

We are Blessed by G^d in many ways, many times, but quite often we fail to recognize what G^d is doing and HOW he Blesses us.  One of the great aspects of mission trips, especially those outside the USA, is that G^d’s Blessings are much more obvious.

Indulge us for a few minutes, whilst we list some of G^d’s Blessings that we have already seen:
·       Getting 8 people together from British Columbia, Oregon, California, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Alabama, is no easy task.  With the airline’s outbreak of fights over seats, cancelled flights, diverted flights, and people disrupting flights, getting to your destination is NOT something to be taken for granted.  Thanks be to G^d for Blessing us with safe travels… all the way to Tegucigalpa.

·       Forming a working team from a bunch of strangers is also something NOT to be taken for granted. Our team, with an age span of almost 50 years, with different areas of expertise, and 8 unique personalities has melded extremely well. We enjoy each other, support each other, and work well together.  Thanks be to G^d!  The stressors can be high, so getting along well is a super Blessing!

·       The ministry has gone very well indeed.  The two Universities and the Olympic Training Center have been very enthusiastic in receiving our team.  We have given our testimonies to over 300, and many of those hearers have heard more than one testimony.  Many, many audience members have expressed an interest in learning more about Christianity and Athletes in Action.  What a BLESSING!

·       Our Cru AIA hosts have been extremely helpful and grateful. One of our goals is to build good will for the local missionaries, the Joya’s, who have worked here over 20 years and will be here long after we leave.  What a Blessing this family is to Teguchigalpa, to Honduras, to the Body of the Christ, and to us.  What a Blessing!

Thanks for praying!  G^d has Blessed us richly, and we pray he will Bless you, and you will clearly see those Blessings!  Bless you!

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