Thursday, June 1, 2017

So What's the Point?

Ever find yourself asking that question, "So what's the point"?

I ask it a lot, though typically it's a question I ask myself. I am fortunate to hear Bible teaching and Spiritual lessons very often. And those sometimes provoke that question.

I see speakers, athletes, musicians, even magicians giving sermons, lectures, testimonies, and I often ask that question. I prefer NOT asking it.  I prefer when the point is loud, clear, and relevant.

I get, on occasion, to move to the other side- to be the one giving the talk. I ask myself, "So what's the point?"  I always HAVE a point, though sadly it may be much more clear to me than to the listener. I do endeavor to make the point, make it multiple times and multiple ways. But, I am pretty sure that I FAIL at this effort, far too often.

And, perhaps more important, when I have a point to make, is it WORTH making? I teach, and I THINK that what I teach will matter, much, to these students. There isn't enough time to teach the stuff that likely won't matter. And, in the end, it is strictly up to me, and my judgement is flawed.

I ask myself, in 100 years what will matter? If not, then maybe the point isn't worth too much. But, the souls of man DO endure, for eternity. So some points DO matter.

So what's your point?

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  1. The gospel of the Christ! As a human I don't always understand his points, And as a human I may lack the wisdom and maturity to bear it...But there is nothing close to being as comforting deep in my eternal soul, than learning and experiencing him...That's my point!