Monday, July 17, 2017

The Devil's in the Details

I am NOT a detail guy.  Most of my friends have probably picked up on that.  I have published about 188 scientific papers, one book, and a bunch of magazine articles.  I can write very quickly, but I have great difficulty in conforming to the detailed requirements.  Typically I try to do the Big PICT stuff and get my collaborators to deal with the details.

I was recently listening to two different sermons on the SAME passage of Scripture, and the same thought came to mind.  I really identified with the BIG PICT sermon, but really struggled to find meaning and application with the detail-oriented sermon.

That is NOT a criticism of the detailed sermon it is a REMINDER that G^d made each of us unique.  I am NOT detailed, but I appreciate, probably more than most, the gift of those friends who are detail-oriented.  Likewise, I appreciate those detailed friends who can appreciate my inclinations towards the BIG picture.

Some of you dear readers, will recognize this is merely another re-statement of the obvious truth that G^d created each part of the body with different gifts and different functions.  Sadly we so often try to convert everyone to be JUST LIKE US!!

NO!!!!!  G^d knows what HE is doing.

Romans 12, I Corinth 12, and other places G^d makes it clear that we are NOT meant to all be alike. Just as clearly, we NEED each other, no matter what we think about our own gifts and how indispensable these gifts are (but just to us)!!

So, thanks be to G^d that he did NOT make everybody a Big-Pict person.  We need each other.

Thanks for being YOU!

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