Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moody Weather

The weather in Botswana was interesting, but on average pretty hot.  Most days, around 1200-1400 it was close to 98F.  The good thing was that most days were cloudless.  We took that for granted.

We have now been home for four weeks and it has rained most days, and been cloudy all but about 3.5 days!!

Ah, sunshine.  Never realized how nice it is.  Now from early July until the 2nd week of September, the temperature is pretty high in Alabama too, just accompanied by the high humidity absent in BW.

But sunshine is the source of Vitamin D, necessary to health.  Perhaps even more importantly, Jesus is the LIGHT of the WORLD- which we would normally attribute to the sun.

Likewise, we Christians are the LIGHT of the WORLD.  Except we are a pretty weak light most of the time.

We are called to be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves".  We need to use our wisdom and innocence to cast light, reflect light, to light the world.  We do this best by imitating Jesus.

So how are we doing?

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