Friday, January 24, 2014


Some clever sage once suggested, if G^d intended for us to see sunrise, he would have scheduled it later in the morning.  I know just what they mean.  At least the summer sunrises are warm.  Now sunrise is cold, very cold, even here in Alabama.

The sunrise you see here is from last Wed., 15 Jan, down in Marengo County, AL.  What am I doing there, and awake at that time of day?  I’ll leave that question to your wonder.

But the sunrise is especially joyful.  This marks the start of a brand new day with all its hope, promise, opportunity.  It is of value, because days make up weeks, which make up months, which make up years, which make up decades, and decades make up our lives.

Each sunrise represents a new day.  How will we spend it?  We can do good, or not.  We can spend it on ourselves, or others.

The sunrises have gotten closer and closer together.  At my age, I expect not more than 20 years of sunrises, and it could be a lot fewer than that. 

How we think about these sunrises, and the growing end of all sunrises, matters.  As my supply of sunrises dwindles, I find myself thinking more and more about eternity. I wonder how my non-Christian friends handle this.

I know how I do.  I look forward to that day.  Come quickly L^rd Jesus.

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