Thursday, June 5, 2014

Murder vs. Suicide

One thing that atheists argue against Christianity is, "How could your 'good', 'loving, G^d send people to hell?"

CRU colleague Randy Newman responds to that question with, "So you believe in hell?  How do you believe in hell but not in G^d?"

Yesterday, somewhere, someone referred me to  an atheistic www site on this same issue.  In this www site the atheists had posted an animation about a guy on trial for killing a man in the robbery.  The defense attorney shows a video of the robbery in which the robber told the victim, "Give me your money or I'll kill you."

The man refused, so the robber shot him. The defense attorney argued that the victim CHOSE TO DIE (i.e. committed suicide) by refusing to comply, and the jury agreed.

From a devout atheist's view, that is equivalent to G^D holding a gun to an atheist's head and asking for his wallet.  From their perspective the Christians' mythical  G^d holds a gun to their head and demands their "freedom" as a condition for not killing them.  They refuse to give it up, and thus are killed.

Perhaps there is a more apt analogy.

My many atheist friends are driving down the highway heading for a bridge that has been washed away in a flood.  Christians everywhere are screaming, 'The bridge is out!  The bridge is out!"
My atheist friends argue:
  • Maybe the bridge isn't really out, they just don't want me to use that bridge.
  • I have the right to drive anywhere, any time, any way!
  • No one is going to infringe on MY freedom!
  • Those giving warnings are NOT able to EXPLAIN  everything about gravity, about bridge design and construction!   They probably haven't even heard of Einstein's theory of relativity and the wrinkles in the time-space continuum (whatever that means).
  • Sure we won't die (to paraphrase Lucifer in Gen 3:4).

So, then plunging off the bridge is indeed their right, and in their minds these rights trump the dangers that lie ahead.

The chief problem of most of the atheists I know is intellectual ego (pride).  Most of my atheist friends are soooo much smarter than their Christian friends.  These atheists are well educated and argue exceedingly passionately and well.  Profs, lawyers, and MD's have the lowest % of Christians of any groups I know.

There's just the problem of that missing bridge...

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