Friday, June 20, 2014

New Friends

I enjoy people.  All kinds of people are interesting to me.  I am interested in where people were born, where they grew up, how their life has been.  It is a bit tough in foreign countries.   People may NOT want to share where they were born because they may be illegals, or thought so, even if they aren't.  I still sometimes ask when the circumstances are right.

Early in our time in Rome we met a wonderful CRU couple leading the Summer Project there.  It was a pleasure spending time with them.  Here in Bologna, we hit the jackpot.  Our CRU Faculty leader had a Christian prof in her Sunday School Class and invited her, her husband, and another couple and they were all delightful.

We did quite a bit together.  Every person was kind, considerate, friendly, inclusive; in short just what a gang of Christians OUGHT to be.  So why is this remarkable?  Good question.

Sadly much of Christianity in the USA is the dipped-and-dropped variety.  US Christians, the kind I know best, don't really get much training in Christian living.  We become a number on a list of annual baptisms.

Overly negative you say?  Think about it.  The emphasis is on evangelism, not discipleship.  I have written about it before, so I want repeat the same lament.  The gift of prophecy, calling the Church to repent, is easy, but not fun.

So, I have said it again.  Let's disciple MORE, without leaving off the other.

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