Monday, June 30, 2014

Window Shopping

I think that Italy has Walmarts, but that is a statement of faith, just because they seem to be everywhere.  Personally I never saw a big retailer or even what we would call a moderate-sized one.  Instead, the parts of Italy that I have seen are chock full of small stores.  And by small I mean stores only the size of an over-sized walk-in closet.  But they make up in numbers what they lack in size. 

What we enjoy most about shops in Italy are the beautiful window displays in so many of them.  Here's a few to give you the idea.

These small shops seem to be sort of mom&pop kind of operations.  They open around 10 in the morning and close from 13-1400.  They seem to stay open fairly late, but may be closed on Mondays.

It's hard to imagine how this particular produce store, or candy store, or restaurant is different from the one just a block away.  Most apartments seem to have limited storage and small refrigerators, so frequent shopping is a must.

Frequent trips to be replenished are a spiritual requirement too.  A strong relationship with G^d requires a daily restoration.

How's your supply.

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