Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grammar Fun... A VERY Unique Blog Post

There are a few grammatical variances that really drive me batty.  Yes, that is WHY I am batty.

The most irritating error is the use of modifiers with the word "unique".  Unique= ONE of a kind.  There is no way something can be:
  • Especially unique
  • Very unique
  • Most unique
  • or any other modified uniqueness!

I read a book recently that used the term "vast majority" over and over.  In fact the majority of the time she couldn't restrict herself to "majority",  it had to be a "vast majority".  Hm, how is "vast majority" different from a "majority"?  Did she mean that "most of the time"?  Did she mean that 95% of the time something happened?  Why not simply say so?

My sweet wife, Brenda, picked up the term, "Love it, love it, love it"!  Not sure why, but this descriptor really irritated me.  After a mention, she has now restricted herself to, "Love it", which seems to convey the same idea with no real loss.

I am certain that I have irritating habits of speech, but I am the one writing, so we won' discuss that.

But that does highlight a key Christian issue.  We tend to tolerate the sins that tempt us, and be MUCH less tolerant for those we cannot visualize doing ourselves. 

So how do we deal with this?

We acknowledge and repent of our own sins first.
We realize that all we like sheep have gone astray (Is 53:7).
We are slow to criticize (even bad grammar).
We are quick to forgive.
We worry MORE about pleasing G^d than condemning others.

Once again, easier said than done.

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