Friday, September 5, 2014

Kicking Something

For whatever reason, the term "kick-start", has become annoyingly popular.  for you younger or more genteel folks, let me explain.   I have a Honda 4-wheeler.  It has an electric start.  On occasion the batter is dead, or something else is wrong.  I have a little metal "l-shaped' device that I can twist and turn down such that i can put my right foot on the horizontal part of the "L".  If I "Kick" my foot down hard and fast, it will turn the motor over enough to start.  Motorcycles and ATVs have these handy back-up devices, though for some motorcycles it is the ONLY starter.

So, the idea of "kick"starting is to input enough physical energy to get something started.  So now we "kick-start" all sorts of things that, in truth, have no starter of any kind.  Here are some examples of things getting "kick-started" these days:
  • Careers
  • Your metabolism
  • Exercise programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Ovulation (Yep- check it out on WWW)
  • Labor (as in delivering babies)
  • The Economy.

As a native English speaker (Southern accent, but English no matter what my critics say),  I wan tot go on record suggesting that some of these things might be happy to be started without all that kicking.  If you have ever tried to kick-start an engine yourself, you know that electric starters are preferable.

The one I find most irritating is "kick-starting" your metabolism.  Your metabolism is always running and needs no starting of any kind.  Metabolism is the chemical processes (i.e. the breaking down and building up for the stuff of physical life) that maintain life, so if you are alive, you have no need to start your metabolism.  If you are dead, then there is no need for your metabolism at all.  If you are temporarily dead, as after a heart attack, your metabolism is still running for a short while.  You might argue that your heart truly does need a "kick-start" but I would argue that kicking an ailing heart really does no good, and the heart should really be restarted with electricity!  Yes, your heart is best restarted by an electric starter, not a kick-starter.

Now this is NOT to say that many of us don't need a good kick in the rear, because I think I do from time to time, and so do you.  The KICK we need, applied to our spiritual lives.  We get off track, side-tracked, and derailed.  The pressures of THIS LIFE distract us from the truth of the REAL life-- that of the spirit.

We desperately need the Holy Spiirt to send someone to give us a good swift kick to get us moving, and moving in the direction towards a deep and abiding relationship with the G^d of the Universe.

Let us pray, "L^rd make me a kicker, and PROVIDE me with a kick when and where most needed.  AMEN."

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