Thursday, December 25, 2014

Group Dynamics

The semester has just ended.  It is nice.  This last term I had an excellent group of undergrads in my 0800 (8 AM) Measurement and Evaluation class.  It is noteworthy because that doesn't happen every time.

What made the group so good?  They were willing to participate actively in their own learning.  They didn't have a lot of questions, which is too bad, but they did respond to my questions, for the most part.  They were engaged.  They laughed at my jokes, and my costumes.  In fact, I didn't even have to break out my costumes to the last half of the semester.  When we invited them to our home for pizza, a good number came.

I have also experienced the opposite, and that detracts greatly from the class, and my enjoyment of teaching.  I have had two very bad undergrad classes.  They're tough.

But think how G^d must feel.  G^d gives His Son for our salvation, and we are a "bad class" most of us, most of the time.  We have NO enthusiasm for G^d's instruction.  We are unenthusiastic about learning.  We want the grade, we are not so interested in learning.

And only G^d's grace saves us.  We may be a bad class, but G^d is rich in mercy.  We do NOT catch G^d by surprise.  We do not exhaust His patience.  G^d invites us to his house, and invites us regardless of our attendance or behavior. 

Thanks be to G^d.

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