Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Story- Reprise

The Christmas Story still intrigues me after all these years and all these retellings.  No one could have, or at least would have, made up such a wild story.

Consider some of the KEY aspects:
  • An obscure young gal, from an obscure city is selected to be the mother of G^d on earth
  • Her cousin, at quite an advanced age, also conceives just a bit earlier
  • The older cousin's "womb leaps" at the first encounter w Jesus in the womb.
  • Just by coincidence (not) the young lady,despite her advanced pregnancy, and her bethrothed are governmentally mandated (unfunded   mandate) to travel to an obscure village known as Bethlehem
  • In the crudest of accomdations, with no more fanfare than singing angels, the baby is born
  • Magi are notified and appear, bringing gifts.

Special note:  Every detail of these events was foretold in the ancient Jewish Scriptures.  What are the odds?  Astronomical, astronomical.

What a story!  Unbelievable!

Joy to the World, the L^rd is come...

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