Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hey it's a Convention- well more of a Conference

I stated writing this while at the meeting of the SE chapter of the American College of Medicine.  This is an annual meeting, located somewhere in the southeastern USA.  It is a great meeting, with lots of good scientists.  Yes, that's right, it's a nerd-fest.

We took a group of graduate and undergraduate students.  I was very proud of our number and quality of students. They participated fully, and most importantly seemed to enjoy it.  We traveled down in two vans and several students drove their own cars.

The lectures were interesting, though not all very well delivered.  Several of the key sessions were in a very large meeting hall, and some of the slides had unreadable figures and text.  But that is forgivable when the information is interesting.

We learned about the little tiny clocks in every cell of our bodies.  We learned about the impact of exercise on MALE hormones, and about measuring physical activity.

BUT, my favorite part, as I wrote a few weeks back, was seeing old friends.  I missed the 2012 meeting while we were in Sweden, the 2013 meeting in Botswana, and last years meeting was cancelled at the last minute due to ice and snow.  So, it had been quite a while since I had seen a lot of folks.

I missed the picture of all of our UA attendees, and should have collected as many UA alumni as I could, but I failed at both.  Maybe next year.

But it is nice to see old friends, and learn new things.

Maybe this is a weak, weak warmup for heaven?

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