Monday, March 2, 2015

Killing Stephen vs Killing Time

In Acts 6-7 we read the unhappy story of the martyrdom of Stephen.  This is a sad story and I am betting there are a lot of people who read the story come up with exactly the wrong conclusion.

It would be easy to read this story and conclude that Christians ought NOT to make too big a deal of Jesus the Christ, in order to avoid the consequent stoning.  That is NOT the heart of the story, as my friend Mike P pointed out this AM in Sunday School.

In Stephen’s story, right at the end, we read that Saul witnessed this event, and then a few chapters later has an encounter of his own with the Christ.  There is some evidence (Galatians) that Saul was impacted by Stephen’s death.

Anyone who understands anything about the early church knows that Paul plays a huge role. This Paul who wrote the major part of the New Testament, and set the example in so many ways, was influenced by Stephen, who waited on a few tables, before giving a great historical sermon that ended in his death.  Short ministry, not much to show for it...

Maybe not!  Stephen impacted Paul who likely has impacted YOU!

So how about you?  Think your little witness doesn’t amount to much?  Keep at it anyway.  It has NOTHING to do with our own assessment or perspective. G^d is Sovereign, and He can use anything for His purposes.  Wouldn’t you like to impact the future of Christianity?  Listen to G^d, obey, and keep on listening and obeying, and one day your witness may impact the whole world!

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