Friday, March 20, 2015

We are full of...little tiny clocks

I feel very Blessed to be able to study the human body. In mid-February I was at a conference where an expert on biological clocks spoke.  I knew that humans have internal clocks, and that even when deprived of light-dark cues, our bodies still have circadian rhythms.

This expert expanded on that notion to tell us that EVERY cell in our body has a biological clock.  WOW! That's a lot of time-keeping going on!

When research investigators use gene manipulation to "knock-out" those cell clocks, the lifespan of the mice is reduced considerably and negative mutations appear in the ears and other parts.

So what?

Sooooo, our bodies are EVEN MORE complex than I thought when I wrote about our corporal complexity many, many blog posts ago.

Did all this complexity arise by chance, as the product of mutations, most of which are acknowledged to be bad, not good?

Sorry, I just don't have sufficient faith to believe all this complexity evolved.  Oh me of little faith!

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