Friday, August 7, 2015

Answers to "Atheism Resources"

A friend recently posted from "Atheism Resources" this:

"You know what I've realized? If you read the Bible as a complete story, it's actually a very subtle tragedy. It's the story of an omnipotent deity who desperately wants to be loved, and yet - for all of his power and knowledge - he has no idea what love is or how it works.

Yhwh begins by supposing that maybe obedience is love, and he field tests that by giving the first two people an order not to eat a piece of fruit. When that doesn't work, he starts supposing that maybe the problem is that there weren't enough rules and spends the majority of the Old Testament inflicting pain and suffering on his focus group ("Chosen People") when they disobey, and then lightening up and imagining that he is loved when they go back to obeying, but something is still not right. This still doesn't feel like love.

So, Yhwh looks down at this guy Job, whom he has showered with riches, and who seems to obey Yhwh without question. Yhwh thinks 'maybe if I allow his family to be killed, take his wealth, and allow him to be tortured with painful ailments, and he still obeys me, maybe that will be love.' All of these tortures take place, and Job still obeys, and for a while Yhwh feels like he's figured it out, but over time he realizes that this too, isn't love.

As a last desperate bid he supposes that, maybe, if he takes on the form of a human, and lives a human life, he'll finally understand love. But even this fails as he resorts to threats of eternal damnation, displays of his divine power, and dictates like 'If you love me, you will obey my commands' to instill fear and secure obedience above all else.

At the end of the day, I think that the Bible is the tragic tale of a frustrated megalomaniac; whose obsession with power and dominance forever prevents him from experiencing the one thing he truly desires."
AN, interesting perspective, but let's think a little more.

Atheism offers this:
1) NO reason for our being here except luck alone,
2) NO purpose for us being here at all,
3) No hope for the future.
4) Some strange need for "Atheism Resources" to combat a G^d they believe doesn't exist?  What?  5) Do you guys also run a "A-Leprechaun Resources" to combat those nasty leprechauns?  If you believe something doesn't exist, why devote all this time and effort?

So that is a better story? 

I ask:
1) How did King David come out in the end?
2) What did King Solomon, the wisest, conclude?
3) How did Job's situation work out in the end?
4) How did Joseph and Daniel come out of tough spots?
5) Isn't G^d's Law an owner's manual rather than a rule book?
6) How do Christians feel at the end of their lives, when they look back?
7) Why are Christians across history and across the world willing to die with a smile on their face for a G^d who doesn't exist?
7) Who does an Atheist really think is "the supreme being" and worship?  Self?

Just askin'.

Think about it.

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