Monday, August 3, 2015

Love, Yes that’s right!

I just finished watching the movie “McFarland” on the flight back to the USA from England.  In case you haven’t seen it, it is the story of a high School coach in CA who successfully coaches a cross-country team.  In my view, it is Kevin Cosner’s best performance since “Dances with Wolves.”  The story resonated with me given that my close younger brother coached HS cross-country for over 40 years.  As a former competitive runner, it also spoke to me on another level, and being of Hispanic heritage, it was a virtual cinematic hat-trick.

In my view, it is essentially a love story.  An Anglo moves into a Mexican community, runs into cultural adversity. He gradually falls in love, first with his athletes, then with the whole community.  As I watched the theme of love kept resounding. 

Love is a powerful emotion.  As I have mentioned previously, love is a theme that is foundational to much poetry, novels, and plays.  Love is a wonderful thing, not fully appreciated by so many, because perhaps, so few have experienced it.

“All you need is love”, sang the Beatles.   Well, not exactly, but they had a good start.  Love is compelling. Love is motivating. 

Love is patient. 

Love is kind. 

Love seeketh not her own. 

Love never faileth.

The greatest of these is…


  1. ACK! I'm not feelin' the love, man. You spelled Beatles with 2 e's.

  2. What do you mean??? Beatles has TWO e's BEatlEs.