Friday, July 31, 2015


Blogging is work.  It is a good work though.  Some writer wrote that he writes to discover “…what he thinks about things.”

I write mostly to try to remember what I thought about things. We have so many good memories and such a limited mental storage capacity.  Sad, but happy that we can write these things down.  We can record our thoughts, our travels, our experiences.  It just takes a little work.

As I have written before, and repeat here, I have very few readers, so thanks for reading. I need a few to read these, but mostly I need to write, to record.  I have two book manuscripts, mostly finished, but no publisher.  These aren’t novels but rather non-fiction, prospective trade books.  But I have no publisher.

But the joy of the WWW is that I can write, I can publish these myself.  So I can record the things I most want to recall.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I really like reading your blog. It is work, but good work. :-)

    Just kidding. I get something valuable from reading your blog and am frequently reminded of what a good writer you are--especially for an academic.

    Please keep the posts coming.