Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Hope for the Future

I am naturally cynical and skeptical, but even the most optimistic must admit that the future for the USA is none too promising.  Our economy seems unstable, our higher education is over-priced, the track record for empires is none too encouraging.  The world, and our country will change dramatically over the next 50 years, without doubt.

There is NOT much about which to rejoice…except some of our young citizens.  Not just our US young citizens, but those around the world.  Probably the greatest payoff of international mission trips is the opportunity to become aware of what young Christians are doing across the globe.

On this latest international endeavor, I first met some CRU students and staff.  Here are some young folks giving their time, money, energy, lives for the cause of Christ.  Take a look.

And this was just Italy!  Wait to see the folk from Newcastle and Oxford!!

If there is any hope for the future... it is in the hands of these Christian young people!

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