Friday, July 10, 2015

Hope for the Future

  • Jonny,
  • Luke,
  • Elly,
  • Pam,
  • Phil K,
  • Carie,
  • Jack,
  • Andy,
  • Lauren,
  • Jonathan,
  • Amos, 
  • Thomas,
  • Guaia,
  • Kelly,
  • Melissa,
  • Joel,
  • Kitty,
  • Joel,
  • Bean,
  • Charlotte
  • …et al. 

I am a cynical person, as you have no doubt discovered in these pages. Yet, I have hope for the future.  Yes, I have hope for HEAVEN, but some hope for this world as well.  The young, and slightly older Christians listed above give me hope.

These are intelligent, energetic, committed Christians who are impacting their corner of the world for the Christ.  They are taking opportunities, making opportunities to share the Christ and His love for the world and for the hundreds of students they impact.

How about you?  You having an impact?

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