Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chedworth Villa

Up in the Cotswolds, NW of London, in the middle of the woods, 9 miles from Cirecester lies an ancient Romanesque villa dating from about 300 AD.  There remain many mysteries as to exactly for whom and why this grand estate was built.  It was lavish, even by today’s standards with complex heated floors, running water and flushing latrines.  It had an ornate banquet hall, and an inner and outer courtyard.  The place was quiet large and discovered in the 1860’s by a farmer.

It is only the ruins now, but all the evidence points to someone definitely trying to impress his visitors here. Nice things are nice, extravagant things extravagant, not to overdo the tautology.  But why?

Why are we so out to impress other mortals?  What are we proving? Who is really impressed?

I say that as one who tries to impress, not with nice or extravagant things, but in other ways.

Why?  I ask myself without a good answer.

G^d is NOT impressed, and even the concept of impressing the L^rd who spoke the cosmos into existence seems a bit ridic.

Upon reflection I think it is our foundational thinking which betrays us.  As we focus on pleasing G^d, those other "impressions" take on less and less weight.

Now to "focus grasshopper, focus".

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