Monday, July 6, 2015

Finally, another “Brenda”

The owner/hostess of our Little Broom B&B is another “Brenda”.  Brenda B is surprised at her name.  My Brenda claims hers is a very rare name.

This Brenda is in her early 70’s and displays a tremendous energy.  She makes all the breakfasts each AM.  She checks in all her guests.  She does at least some of the gardening, and she brought in our clothes off the clothes line.

She is an independent woman who seems astute and aware.  She says she passes the winter in Tenerife, a major island in the Canaries off the coast of SW Morocco.

She is highly capable, just like Brenda B. We are so surprised to find another “Brenda”, that we ask her for a pict, and she kindly agrees.

It is nice to meet nice interesting people around the world.  Every place I have visited has had such people, sometimes in abundance, sometimes not.

I do not have any faith in humanity, no faith at all; but, I do have faith in G^d.  He is Sovereign.  He made us all and He will ultimately render Justice.

And, that’s a very comforting thing.

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