Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life’s a Beach

We enjoy the beach and try to go pretty often.  We went last spring break and we are returning from a week there with our young friends Daniel and Paula and their little 1.5 year old Emma. We have a long beach history originating from our days in southeaster Houston and our many, many happy hours at Pirate’s beach on Galveston Island.

Of course we are not alone, as was obvious on our last trip.  The condos we stayed in were packed.  Moving in was hampered by the thousands of others also moving in.  The elevators were packed. The beach itself was about full of folks.  This particular beach seemed mostly populated by pensioners and families with little children.  There were a few teens and very young adults, but they were few and far between. Most of the families seemed to be blue collar, but I have no way of knowing that, and those are more “our kind of people” anyway.

Brenda and I logged quite a few hours on the beach itself.  We like the relaxed atmosphere with little scheduled and lots of options.  One of our favorite things is long walks down the beach.  The people seemed especially friendly, which may be the source of my speculation on their economics.

We saw fewer shells and gulls than typical.  We saw several osprey and one carrying what looked to be about a 14inch long shark in his talons. We ran into our optometrist one afternoon, which took pressure off me, since I hope to run into someone I know on each of these beach trips.

So what?

Well, the Gulf Coast beaches east of the Mississippi are among the most beautiful in the entire world. The sand is pure white and fine of texture.  The sand is deep, and the beach is mostly gently sloped and wide- which was necessary given the popularity of the spot.  The beach stretches for miles and miles along this coast, and that makes for a LOT of sand.

Which reminds me, of course, of G^d’s promise to Abraham, that He would make Abe’s descendants as numerous as the sand. Wow! G^d doesn’t think small, does He?  I am not sure why I doubt, why we doubt.  I, we, think I/we have a better plan than the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.

Wow, am I stupid or what?

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