Friday, August 21, 2015

There’s gold in them thar hills!

We just spent two nights in the mountains just north of Ellijay, GA.  The cabin we rented was nice, nothing lavish, but nice.  As we walked around the nearby town of Blue Ridge, GA, I took note of the real estate listings.  A few were modest but there was no shortage of million-dollar-plus homes there too.

I looked around the mountains and the same was true.  There are some modest homes, but no shortage of “mountain estates”.  I marvel that some folks have enough excess income to have very nice “summer home”.  I wonder about this.

I do have a hypothesis - as usual. I think most of us are looking for a special spot.  We want a spot with associations of pleasure, relaxation, beauty. We think if we can just buy that perfect mountain get-away, then we will escape the cares of this world and gain a “little bit of heaven”.  The draw is real and real strong. People will take out a pretty large mortgage to buy the get-away with thoughts that they’ll pay it off by renting it out – or maybe not.

What are they after?  For what do they yearn?   My hypothesis is that we all have a hidden yearning for a heavenly home.  Really.  We know down deep inside that there must be a special place, a care-free, perfect spot.  We are not people of faith, no we are too sophisticated.  Plus we are Americans, we want it NOW!

But, let me assure you, we will never find that special place here on terra firma, well not on this version of terra firma.  This earth, despite its many beautiful places is corrupted irrevocably.  G^d will one day replace it, then those who are in relationship with G^d through Jesus the Christ, will live in that special place, where beauty is abundant and never ending, and where the streets are… GOLD!

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