Friday, December 11, 2015

Beautiful woods.

Yesterday was Nov 21, the opening day of gun season in Alabama.  I, like most every year, passed a good part of the day up in a tree, watching nature wake up. 

It has been pretty warm this fall-- global warming is to blame, maybe.  This means there are more leaves still on the trees.  This does two things- it creates a lot of motion in the woods, and it makes it harder to see.  But that's ok, it's still deer season, and that's what matters most.

I love deer season for several reasons, and I have mentioned them in this blog on several occasions.  Here's a reminder:
  1. It is quiet, very quiet.  Quietatude is rare and valuable in our culture.
  2. There are NO phones, emails, or social media (not same as #1)
  3. There are no people ( I love people, but also solitude, and solitude is as rare as quietatude.)
  4. There's lots to see:  squirrels, birds, trees, other animals - these things are among my favorites.
  5. My best opportunity of the year to read without interruptions.
  6. That organic, free-range, non-hormonal venison!
So, there's plenty to love when deer season rolls around!

I consider deer season to be one of G^d's greatest gifts.  That He created such a shy, wily creature as odocoileus virginianus, is further tribute to His creativity and greatness.  That He created such beauty in the southern fall forest is further tribute.

We serve a great G^d, and if you need a reminder... make a visit to a quiet safe wood near you-- but not too near me!

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