Monday, December 14, 2015

Deer hunting story!! What we don't see...

Did you ever take a moment to think about what is going on around you right now?  There's hundreds of things happening in your body, and in the things around you, right now!

I have mentioned this concept in previous blogs, but most of the time I am in the environment of academia, the town where I live, and the peace of my own home.  Now let's move our thinking outside- way outside to the quiet of the forest.

In the forest, the trees are shedding their leaves right now.  G^d gave the deciduous trees this ability to develop a little shut-off that stops the formation of chlorophyll. The removal of the green chlorophyll allows the beautiful colors to shine forth in true glory.  During the growing season, G^d created a wonderful pumping system capable of moving hundreds of gallons of very heavy water many feet straight up without an external energy supply but the sun- an amazing engineering feat.  Plus these trees produce the lumber we need for homes and furniture, the pulp for paper, and the fruit to keep deer, insects, turkeys, and many other animals, and us, alive.  Trees, along with other plant life, converts our exhaled carbon dioxide into oxygen- vital for us and our animal friends.

And yet we seldom give these unseen things a thought.

Besides the trees, wild life of all types abounds around us.  The smallest creatures, the viri and bacteria, are busy doing their jobs.  Without bacteria, nothing would decay, and we'd have no means for "natural recycling" which allows us to reuse most of the chemicals of life. A bit further up the chain, insects are at work, changing our environment in positive, and negative, ways.

Further up still, the small rodents and other animals go about their business of re-population and their unintended business of feeding the snakes, raptors, and slightly larger animals that depend on them as their daily "bread".

We could go on, but perhaps the point is clear.  There is a LOT going on, whether or not we know it, appreciate it, or think about it.

G^d is at work orchestrating these things, these vital things, so that this fallen world sustains itself.

Yep, G^d is greater than we can imagine!!  Praise Him, let all the earth Praise Him. (Ps 69:34)

When you think about these details, I think the whole earth does Praise Him.  Indeeed.