Monday, December 21, 2015

G^d's Commandments- what they mean to us!

As I spend time with Christians, it strikes me that we struggle with understanding the Commandments more than most other things.  Somehow we have developed a strange interpretation of the Old Testament Commands.  We got the idea somewhere that Old Testament saints were saved by keeping the commandments.  I hope I don't have to explain why that is a BAD analysis.

Well, if the commandments were never intended to save us, what good are they?


If G^d wanted to give us Christians advice on how best to navigate this earthly life, how you reckon he would do it? 

The 10 suggestions?

Most Christians take a look at Romans 7 in attempt to understand.  This might be a good time to review those 25 verses.  Realize that Paul is talking to Christians about the LAW.  A thoughtful read reveals that the LAW is what helps us recognize our NEED for a Savior.  And this is important!

Jesus spends a good bit of time doing this very thing in Matt 5, John 9, Luke 10, and Luke 18.  Jesus clearly says it.  If you do NOT need a savior, Jesus has NOTHING for you. Read those Scriptures, see what they say to you!

Without the LAW there is no sin, and without sin there is no need for a savior.  So why did G^d give us the LAW if it causes us to sin.  Wait, the LAW doesn't cause us to sin, it simply illustrates our sinful nature.  Adam and Eve sinned before the LAW was given.  And Cain slew Abel, and the world grew totally corrupt before the LAW was given (remember Noah?)  If we have free will, we have the option of sinning.  And, over and over we have demonstrated our fallen nature.

IF you don't believe in the fallen nature of mankind, you aren't paying attention.

So here's the summary.  We have free will, so we freely choose to sin.  The LAW demonstrates our need for a savior.  And we have a Savior- what a Savior!!  And, once saved, the LAW gives us an "Owner's manual" to guide us in how to live.

Pretty basic, eh?


  1. When Jesus was born, other than the prophecy concerning him there wasn't much Grace being practiced; the commandments they had and knew. Maybe the first two commandments played a role along with John the baptist for those who believed. The commandments was just another light of recognition shining on the works of Christ (Grace)...Just a thought....

  2. Craig, brother. I see it differently. Before The Christ came to earth, there was ALREADY tremendous Grace practiced by G^d!! The OT saints had to be saved by grace... or they couldn't be saved at all. G^d didn't change His plan.