Tuesday, December 29, 2015

G^d with us...

Just having finished the Christmas season, the time of celebration of Immanuel (G^d with us), it dawns on me, that I often misunderstand what this really means.

"G^d with us" is, has been, and always will be a TRUTH of G^d.  If G^d is not with us, then we are altogether, utterly, LOST!

Indeed the birth of The Christ was the historical moment, the MOST important moment in all of history, but G^d didn't suddenly change.  Change is not a word correctly, possibly, associated with One who created time, and exists outside of time.

Indeed, there's the rub, and a topic of consternation with us who are totally imprisoned by time- for now at least.

G^d walked among us, experienced temptation just as we do, suffered, bled and died for us. That was a wonderful time in human history which G^d recorded in the Gospels.  The Gospel, the good news, was lived out in time, in history, and in the midst of mankind.  Praise be to G^d!!

But G^d was with Adam and Eve, G^d was with Noah, with Abram, with Issac, with Jacob/Israel.  G^d became Immanuel, but G^d was always present, even as He is, and always WILL BE!

Thanks be to G^d!!

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