Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Little Letter, and a Big Impact

"Dear Ms. B (house seller),

Please consider our offer to purchase your home.  Our home in Alabama is very similar to yours.  You have kept your home in excellent condition.  If you will sell to us, we hope that the home will continue to be a Blessing to many, for years to come.

Thanks for your consideration.

Phil and Brenda Bishop"

Brenda had the terrific idea of writing the potential house seller in Virginia, and older lady, a letter introducing ourselves a bit.  The above is an approximation of that brief letter.

At the time of our purchase, the house, we thought, was already under contract with a contingency for the sale of the potential purchaser’s home in PA.

According to the listing realtor, there were multiple offers for the home when our offer arrived, and he laid them out before the seller.  Again, according to the listing agent, she read the letter and selected our offer, even though it was NOT the highest offer.

True story?  Who knows.  But it is a story.

Thanks be to G^d, it is a wonderful home.

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