Friday, August 26, 2016

Fear G^d and Keep His Commandments

I have written a bit about this before, but I think G^d has given me a new perspective.  As I wrote a year or more back, I still believe most of us have little notion what, “The Fear of the L^rd” is ((II Chron 19:7, Job 28:28, Ps 19:9, Ps 34:11, Ps 111:10, Prov 1:7, Prov 1:29, Prov 2:5, etc.).

In my view, fearing G^d, accurately involves a few steps:
  1. 1)      Knowing G^d,
  2. 2)      Understanding G^d’s sovereignty, power, omniscience, omnipresence,
  3. 3)      Desiring to OBEY G^d in things big and small, general and personal, and
  4. 4)      Loving G^d to such an extent that PLEASING Him is our highest goal.

So, when Scripture says, “love thy neighbor as thyself”, our reaction is,
a)      We are eager to do this command,
b)      We SEEK opportunities to be obedient,
c)       We FEAR what we will miss if we FAIL to obey,
d)      We eagerly obey with a greater fear of UNDER-doing it, than of Over-doing it, and
e)      We derive JOY from obeying, regardless of the “cost” to us, because we count the “cost” as NOTHING!

My problem is forgetting these simple truths.  I fear G^d right now, but the test is in fearing Him every day, all day.

So I guess I need to get out there and practice!!

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  1. Great Post! I agree w/ a-e...I agree w/ 1-4 also...My problem with forgetting probably lies in my refusal at times to be disillusioned concerning who I am outside of walking in the spirit...(Gen 6:5, Gen 8:21, Matt. 16:23, prov 21:2, Prov 28:26 Jeremiah 17:9, Romans 8:6-8).